Servicing Our Youth was founded by Joel Ray Rivera. Mr. Rivera saw an opportunity to have urban youth, which were involved in negative street activities assist in positive activities in his Father's NON-Profit, Latino Pastoral Action Center (LPAC).

Mr. Rivera also helped several Elected Officials with Community Events that required Man-Power. These activities gave the young people a sense of Self-Respect and Self- Worth. The young people began asking the difference between certain titles and levels of government as well as their functions.

Mr. Rivera notices how well the young people retain the information they received. They also showed a great amount of Pride and Gratitude for being involved in something positive. Mr. Rivera realized that this could be a tool in reaching many young people.

After taking a trip to Washington D.C. with a group of inner city youth to visit and share his vision with Congress Jose Serrano, SOY was founded in 2004.